Senior Associate

Advocate & Solicitor of High Court of Malaya

LL.B (Hons) (London) , CLP (Malaya)

Practice Areas:

Dispute Resolution & Civil Litigation

Contracts & Agreements

Insolvency (Winding-Up & Bankruptcy)

Family & Guardianship

Employment & Industrial Relations

Succession (Wills & Estate)

Marianne Sonia Paul

TEL      : +603 64130488 (Ext. 107)


Marianne has, in her years of experience, handled a wide spectrum of civil litigation matters and acted for banks, corporations as well as individuals, both local and foreign.


At the start of her legal career, Marianne was assisting the partners of leading law firms in banking litigation and debt recovery matters, primarily dealing in credit card debts, charge card actions, lease actions, hire purchase, bankruptcies, foreclosures, winding-up proceedings and goods sold and delivered.


Wanting to expand her legal expertise, Marianne joined another leading law firm, where she handled a vast variety of general civil litigation matters concerning disputes relating to goods sold and delivered, family law, succession, defamation, land disputes and acquisition, construction and building disputes, accident cases, industrial court matters, injunction and also handling defence work for individual clients in civil litigation matters. In recognition of her determination and professionalism in handling the cases and clients, she was promoted to the position of Senior Associate within a few months.


Marianne has also handled matters involving professional indemnity claims, tort actions, insurance, landlord and tenant issues, defamation, employment, wills and estate administration including probate and letters of administration. 


During her practice tenure, Marianne has conducted hearings/full trials and appeals at all levels of the Malaysian Courts including the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court. Some of the cases she represented have also been reported in legal journals.