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Advocate & Solicitor of High Court of Malaya

LLB (Hons) (London) , CLP (Malaya)  

Practice areas:

Corporate Advisory

Contracts & Agreements

Insolvency (Winding Up & Bankruptcy) 

Dispute Resolution & Civil Litigation

Real Estate & Conveyancing

Family  & Guardianship

TEL     : +603-64130488 (Ext. 105)



Shallini is an experienced and seasoned litigation lawyer who has developed significant experience in conducting civil trials and hearings involving legal issues ranging from domestic law matters to contentious banking litigation, business conflicts and contractual disputes.

During her formative years in law, Shallini  was practicing at several leading law firms which were working extensively with financial institutions and hire purchase companies in the recovery of credit debts and hire purchase as well as overseeing the due execution of court orders and satisfaction of judgment sums.

In recognition of her professionalism and reliance, Shallini was appointed to head the litigation department in her previous firm prior to her joining the the law firm.

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